Ron Ceballos
Resist Comfort

NFL / Fantasy

The NFL is the only place to get authentic Fantasy football. Our challenge was to increase the NFL Fantasy membership by 350k.

So, we invited all 6 million NFL Facebook fans to the NFL's first Facebook app that allowed you to sign up and manage your NFL Fantasy League on Facebook.

We let you pick your team and then take a team photo with your Fantasy team line-up.
We supplied NFL-only insights directly from the actual players. And Twitter feeds directly from them as well.
We allowed you to see how others in your league were doing.
We gave you the ability to see NFL only content.
We let you talk smack to actual NFL players.
And we gave you a mobile app, so you could take all of it with you.

Because, if you want the NFL. Go to the NFL and if you want Fantasy Football, where else would you play but the NFL?